A Little Creative TLC

I’m sure for many creativity, the concept of creativity is intertwined with their daily lives. I know this is the case for me. Granted, it’s not in every single facet of my life, it’s still heavily prominent. But just like with anything, you need a break. This post isn’t about taking a break from living a creative life, more so about having a reprieve from the creative tasks we do. I know I struggle with taking a break from writing and drawing; mostly because I feel unproductive. But there is always a necessity to give your self a break. Here are some of the reasons why

Spread too Thin

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Something I’ve noticed with creative tasks, there tends to be a considerable amount of multitasking. Lets look at the process for writing. It’s never as simple as just typing. A writer has to consider how the scene they are currently on progresses the story over all, if the dialogue flows well, what the character dynamics are and many more things. Doing this constantly could spread any one too thin. This in turn can lead to stress. And with that stress leaves a likelihood to be pushed into a creative block. I know this has happened to me several times.

Story Mixing

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This concept kind of ties into the first one. This is something that happens to me very often. Sometimes, I’ll stop working on one story, not to take a break, but to work on a different story. When I do this, I know I sometimes mix pieces of each story. For me, I want all of my stories to be unique from one another. If I don’t take a break, then they tend to seem the same. This is something that is frustrating for me, so taking a break is definitely a win- win for me.

You Deserve a Break

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If you’ve been on the internet at any point and time, I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase “treat yourself”. This is more than true. Every once in a while, taking a break is a necessity. All of the issues noted above can be remedied by simply taking a break.

What do People Think of my Work?

I’m sure this is a feeling that many creative people who share their work can relate to some of the same feelings I have. Regardless of the medium, many people likely feel these swirls of emotion; satisfaction, apprehension and even fear. The main question that I have is what impression do my works make, and if they make one at all. It’s something that can often stress me out. With this particular journal, I’ll be taking on a different layout for this post. So hopefully, this won’t be too jarring for anyone.

Need for Approval

This topic is one that warrants it’s own blogpost. But this is one of the things that I feel correlates with my questions on the impression my works make. I feel the need  to have my works accepted by the people who come across it. It gives a sense of validation, which boosts my confidence in my work. Is this a bad thing? To me, not necessarily. I think there is some necessity in getting an outside opinion. Criticism is something that I have written about before, and I have some of the same opinions.

Is There a Perceived Meaning?

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The thing that normally stresses me out when it comes to the impressions that my works make is the possibility of it being perceived as meaningless. This is a fear I have more so with my writing than with my art. The presentation of creativity is already relatively subjective. But I worry about my works being viewed a vapid. This mainly stems from the fact that I tend to put quite a bit of effort into my works. With my art (illustrations), though I put a considerable amount of effort and work into creating it, it’s more often than not just an image I’m trying to get out of my head. It’s more meant to convey a feeling as opposed to a meaning. However, for my writing, I am more often than not, trying to give a message or meaning. If that impression lacks a meaning to the audience, it is a definite blow to my confidence.

These are my main thoughts when it comes to the impression that audience members have on my works. I hope someone out there can relate to this. Thank you for reading!

A Little Idea on a Piece of Driftwood

The little idea sat adrift on the worn out, make shift plank. It’s vast in the creator’s mind, so many things swirling about in the vast lake of the mind. There were few concepts that managed to stay afloat, not long enough to give itself some type of foundation. The little idea saw another concept that it recognized. It stayed at the edge of the mind, idly looking between the expansive waters of the mind and the shore that it stood on. The little idea sighed at the worn down concept. It had been a real possibility. The creator had spent so much time with it; developed well past the point of an outline, yet still pushed to the back of the creator’s mind.

The little idea proceeded further on the piece of driftwood without a plan, at least not by itself. But as the days passed, the little idea could feel a fullness, substance. The little idea grew in size, yet never sank in the vastness of the mind. It made it to the shore, carefully getting off of the piece of driftwood. It pushed it away, back to where it had come from so long ago. It let out a breath, hoping that the worn out concept that it had drifted by before could get it and make use of it.

The little idea could feel itself move through the hand of the creator, the ink of the pen bleeding into the paper. It only hoped that all that time adrift on the worn out plank  would result in more than just an unfinished outline.


This is just a little creative piece that I wanted to write to personify the ideas I have and what normally happens with them.

Venting about Procrastination

I’m having to come to terms with the fact that I am notorious for procrastinating. It’s honestly pretty annoying. I’ve noticed it a lot since going on summer break from my first year of grad school. During grad school, I was pretty much on top of all of my work and even my writing. But since going on break, its been pretty stagnant. For me, a lack of productivity is something that leaves me frustrated, even though I continue to do it.

Even now, this small little paragraph you see up there. It took me four hours. I honestly couldn’t tell you what I was doing for it to take me that long. It felt like nothing really happened, but some how, four hours passed by.

But to be perfectly honest, it’s not all negative. Though being lazy is frustrating, I know that I needed a break. A little reprieve is a good thing. It’s just a matter of avoiding spending the entire day doing nothing of substance… like I did today. Again, this is just vent post since I’ve been very lazy today.

No Qualms with Who She is

The image of beauty is one that I have trouble to see,

for when it’s presented, it never looks like me.

It’s never the girl who holds her comics in her hands,

yet we idolize and minimize the girl who chooses to dance.

My dark skin and features are presented as less than,

yet those with fair skin is expected to tan.

The image of beauty never looks like me,

but attaining said beauty is impossible to see.

Very few women are treated as they should,

even if they’re from the suburbs or the hood.

My culture are my roots, my experiences the trunks that stands

and my curls and coils are the flowers that flutter in my hands.

As a black woman in this society; I’ve had to learn this:

I have to be a woman with no qualms with who she is.

But I’m not the only woman who needed to know self love;

for women of all races beauty isn’t a one size fits all glove.

From deep complexion to fair or from thick to thin;

women should have no qualms with the beauty within.

Originality in Collaboration

I’m someone who enjoys writing stories. I really like writing poems, short stories and even scripts. One of my favorite genres to write are adventure and suspense stories. As such, I pride myself on creativity and originality. I get a lot of my ideas based on life experiences, dreams and various other ideas that come to mind  These ideas are one’s that I consider to solely be my own. But what of stories that are a collaboration or where the ideas came from another person than just the writer? The argument that there are no more original ideas is one to be looked into at another time, but that’s not what this post is about.

This question came to me when I was talking to a friend of mine. He gave a very interesting story idea based off of an experience that I was relaying to him. I joked that if were to ever publish the story, he would be labeled as a co- writer. I was left wondering if this idea, originated from a friend, could be considered originally my own.

To this, I say that it is. The way that a story is presented and written varies from writer to writer. The way that I would go into this idea is different from how my friend would have; from the setting down to the characters. That is where the originality in a collaboration comes from. The end product is still heavily influenced by the artistic vision of the writer. This is also seen in collaborative art. I did a collaboration piece with my friend and roommate from undergraduate. We drew a piece together where I drew a person holding a snake which she drew. Both of our artistic styles were present yet also separate. The originality may not be in the idea alone, but in it’s presentation.

This was a short post, but something that was on my mind and worked so well with today’s daily prompt. Hopefully this could help someone.

Life is Like a Maze… Or Something Like That

When I think of a maze, I think of something interesting and fun. It makes me think of the times when I was younger with my younger brothers; running through the county cornfield maze in the fall. For the longest time. I equated mazes to something positive. So when I think of the phrase mentioned in the title, I think of something more positive.

So naturally, life is rarely ever straight forward and can be a bit confusing, like a maze. The twists and turns can all lead to something unexpected, just like in a cornfield maze. But when it comes to life, and for me that entails something creative, each turn  or corridor is new opportunity.

I have an example of this from an older post I wrote. In writing the first draft of my novel, things took a rather unexpected turn when it came to writing out the ending. But this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I wrote that post several months ago. Even in that short of time, my feelings toward an unexpected twist have changed. Now I see it as a new opportunity.

I feel that a positive mindset can have an impact on any aspect of life. When thinking positively, the concept of a maze becomes far less daunting and is more of a fun and new opportunity.