Welcome to my blog 

I’d like to start by giving out a big thank you to those of you who stumble onto my blog. This will be a learning experience for me, and I hope that I’m able to give those who decide to follow me advice through my experiences!

For me, creativity in all forms is a staple for ones’ growth as an individual. As such, building and my documenting my creative process is very significant for me. For the past few years, I have been working on a novel. It has truly been a rewarding yet trying experience. That is where this blog will come in. As I continue my work on this novel, I plan to regularly share my experience. This will help document my progress and get a firm grasp on the direction that I want to go with it.

As I stated before, creativity is something that comes in many forms and each one of them is special. This blog will also be dedicated to art, music and things of the like that inspire me during my process.

If you read all of this and are interested in my creative process then please do give me a follow! I’d love to see how, if at all, my journey helps you on your own. 


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