Character Motivations: Is it forced?

I’m starting to wonder if my character motivations are legitimate. I feel that when writing a character, their motivations should be similar to how a real person would; as opposed to a cookie cutter stereotype. I feel that a story can be held together with a strong character (naturally that alone can’t carry a plot less story).

With that being said, another problem tends to come about. As a writer, it’s easy to get a bit desperate when building a character. This is especially the case when writing characters into long running stories; which is what I am currently doing. And as I look at my character at this point, I feel that my characters don’t have concrete motivations. I’m worried about getting to the point where my characters won’t be authentic, and their motivations will be forced.

But thankfully, all is not lost. I’ve done a few exercises that help me really get to develop my characters. One exercise is to make a character sheet. This involved basic information and also went into how he changed based on the plot lines written out. I’ll have to look up some more exercises but so far, this has helped me. This post was more of an update of what I’m doing and how my novel is going.


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