Worry Less, Create More!

The road to a new creation is a rather bumpy one. I, for one, find myself stressing out whenever I write or draw.  Some say that stress can help light a fire in some creators and get them to finish the projects that they may be working on. But often times, worrying too much has an opposite effect. It can be what stunts growth and even the creative process as a whole, but what is that can cause this? There are a few things.

In many professions, the want to be the next “big thing”. A lot if writers want to be the next Harry Potter. Many artists want to be as influential as Van Gogh. It’s natural for people who pour their hearts into their creations to become successful. This can be a motivation for some. But this type of stress can do more to hurt a creator. One of the main ways that it hurts creators is that it weighs down the creative process. Working to “beat” another person’s work give no justice to your own. As a creator myself, it would rather hurtful that my works would be “just good enough” to stand with another person’s. For me, when I began to write my story, I wrote for myself and I wasn’t really worried about how well it was received or how big it got. However, there were moments where I had my doubts and concerns. I began to wonder if my stories were good enough, especially if I held it up against the more well known powerhouses of today. These worries tended to be the cause of my writer’s and art block.

Another problem with pushing to be the next best thing is that it kills originality. Let’s take a look at today’s current teen novels. As much as I loved these books upon reading them, there have been some undeniable similarities amongst the books. Sometimes, it feels like a rehashing of topics, characters and even plots that we have already heard. This causes it’s own amount of stress for me as I create.

I’ve learned to worry less. This has helped me work with a multitude of stories. When I just write without concern, it helps me get through it. I don’t want my novel to be the next Harry Potter, Hunger Games or even one of the older classics. I want this to be my novel. If it’s a hit, perfect! If only three people buy when it’s published, oh well. I just want my story to be told. And I want to look at it as the unique creation that I put my heart into. I just want to be free in my creations.


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