Carefree; What does it mean?

What does it mean to live a carefree life? Is it living a life like a celebrity? Is it a live on permanent vacation? Is it life where you get anything and everything that you could ever want? That’s the great thing about a question like this. It can mean anything to anyone. So what does it mean for me, personally?

For me, a carefree life isn’t that simple. There are several things that I think could make my life much more carefree. One thing that I really need to change to make my life more carefree is to reduce my anxiety. I was diagnosed for that and depression during my freshman year of college. It’s been five years, and these ailments tend to be a hindrance for me. Getting a hold of this would help me get closer to living a carefree life.

When I think of carefree I often see beautiful scenery. It ranges from beautiful oceans, coves, a forest, even a cute little coffee shop in a colorful venue. If you can’t tell already, traveling is what I really want to do. Though some of the process to get here can be stressful, the end result is so worth it! Being able to immerse myself is something that could give me a true sense of freedom.

The point of this blog is kind of open- ended. I want to live my life in a way that makes me feel more free.


2 Replies to “Carefree; What does it mean?”

  1. Love your description of CAREFREE! It’s the same for me, living life doing whatever I want (including traveling back to Maui!), and not worrying about things like not having the time or the finances needed to make it happen. I am also a work in progress on this, but it is definitely worth it!


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