Greenhouse Sanctuary

 Leaning against the glass that was once used as insulation felt soothing against my back. Even through my T- shirt, I could feel the warmth of the summer sun caressing my back. The glass kept the sun from being too hot, since it was once used to incubate a variety of plants and flowers. Even so, I could feel beads of condensation slowly gliding down my back, and pooling at the glass edge. The combination of the warm sun and the cool beads of water left me feeling comfortable; so much so that it was always easy for me to stay in this spot for hours on end. I could feel the warmth that pooled into the abandoned greenhouse through the areas that were now vacant due to their lack of glass. A vibrant deep yellow illuminated the dark area, making square patterns due to the wooden frames. The sun that leaked through the vacant windows felt like gentle warm hands that were caressing my arms. I could see the small specks of dust that seemed to slowly dance around each other.

 The thick smell of greenery wasn’t overwhelming to my ten- year old nose. The vines that twisted around the old wooden beams made the smell of grass waft throughout the abandoned green house. There were even some vines that twisted around the wooden beam that once held the same glass that I was currently leaning against. I could feel them tickling against my skin, their smooth edges gently brushing up against me. The leaves of the vines felt damp, yet smooth. Due to the sun light that poured into the greenhouse, some of the leaves had an orange- yellow highlight that beamed brightly in contrast to the deep green.

 I stood up to make my way around the greenhouse. There’s another place that I have become particularly fond of. As I walk I can feel the different patches underneath my bare feet. On some of the patches, I could feel rough dirt, with the occasional piece of gravel that would press into my feet as I took a step. Then my feet would feel the subtle change of rough dirt to shaggy grass. The thin blades of grass brush against my feet, tickling between my toes. The

sensation of the dirt and grass were so contrasting in feeling that I let out a small hiss of surprise whenever the transition occurred. Walking to my destination guided me through an aisle of display shelves with over grown brush splayed over the tables. This area was further away from the windows, so there was less light to illuminate the vegetation.  The air left a stale taste in my mouth, and a stale smell filled my nose. This area smelled of rust, most likely from the old tins that held the over-grown brush.

 After about a minute of walking I made it to my destination. It was a lot like the first place that I sat, from the warm glow of the sun to the strong smell of vegetation. However, in the center of this area stood a tree, its thick trunk twisting well into the ceiling. The same sun rays pooled into the area, but there were shadows cast due to the wisps of branches and flowers. I leaned against the trunk, its bark pressing into the small of my back.  I slid down until I was sitting with my legs stretched out in front of me. There was a large patch of grass that surrounded the tree. The blades of grass tickled my palms as I sat down against the tree. With my head tilted back, I basked in the speckled rays of sun. I could stay here forever. This was my sanctuary.


This was a short story I wrote that I felt flowed with the prompt for today. I hope you enjoyed!




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