Crisis Averted

Rays of sunlight leaked into the almost barren room. Even through the slits of the open curtains, the light was able to touch all of the minimalistic decorations in the young woman’s room; the small bookshelf, the nightstand, the dresser and even her bed. The rays began to rise and flashed in her eyes. With a grunt, she lifted from her head from her off white pillow. She couldn’t be bothered to open her eyes as she reached over to grab her work I.D. She brought her hand down and felt her heart sink. There was no lanyard tangling between her fingers and no cool plastic under her palms. She sucked in her breath and peeked through her dark eyelashes. Her heart drummed against her chest when she saw that her I.D was indeed missing. She lurched up from her spot on the bed. Her eyes zipped from one end of the room to the next. Her heart stilled when she laid her eyes on the bookshelf. On top was her I.D. She could even see her photo. She heaved a sigh of relief.

Crisis averted.

She brushed her hair behind her ear. She made sure to avoid smearing grape jelly from the butter knife in her hand. She jolted at the piercing screech from just around the corner. It wasn’t long before she heard small feet padding against the floor of the kitchen.

“Mommy!” the girl screamed. She wrapped her small arms around her mother’s legs.

“What’s wrong honey?” she asked. She set the knife down to gently pat her head. The young girl sniffled into the mother’s pants.

“A monster. He’s in my closet,” she whimpered out. The mother quirked an eyebrow. She hummed as she tapped her finger against her chin.

“Don’t worry,” she said as she leaned down to kiss her child on the cheek. “I’ll handle it.” She took her hand and tip toed to her room. The young girl pointed at the closet. The mother put her finger to her lips and skulked to the closet door. She began to beat at the door once she was inside. She gave out small yells. Once she got out of the closet she let out a heavy breath. She smiled and pat her flexed arm muscle. The young girl jumped up and down with a wide smile.

Crisis averted.

She could feel sweat trickle past her brow. She swallowed heavily as she steadied the pliers in her hand. She had to pry her eyes off the timer that ticked away.

“Marcey…” a voice warned.

“Quiet, Bryce,” she hissed. She slowly brought her hands closer to the thick intricate bomb. With a shaky breath, she tugged at the red wire that stuck out.

“Marcey, careful,” he warned again. She rolled her eyes. She could practically see him wringing at his tie. She hooked the wire into the teeth of the pliers. She smirked as she clipped the wire. The count down stopped with almost a minute to spear.

“Crisis averted.”


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