Why Can’t We Just Enjoy the Journey

This will be a rather free flowing blog post today. I had a conversation with someone the other day that really stuck with me. We were talking about the way our lives are now and what our plans are for the future. Naturally, there was a lot of “I’m doing this” and “I’m trying that”. I could practically feel the negativity from my friend during this conversation. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she was tired of never being done what she was doing. This was something that I understood. I have had plenty of moments where I questioned why it took  me so long to finish my goals; from losing weight to finally finishing my novel.

But I posed a question to her. Why is this a bad thing? Life is a journey. I very much agree that in many aspects of life that it’s about the journey, and not so much the destination. The journey is where we learn, where we grow. There is so much pressure to have done what you wanted/ needed successfully. This is a pressure I feel as I get closer to my twenty- third birthday. It sometimes feels like I should have already done what I’m working on, or that it’s no longer special at my age. But not letting this consume me gives me a chance to enjoy the journey.

My journey, in my hobbies and in life in general, are what helped me grow into someone that I’ve come to like. It’s seen in the way that I react to both the successes and the failures within the journey.

I don’t know if my friend left the conversation with an entirely new perspective on the importance of the journey. But I think that this helped her in a way that I had to learn to help myself. That lesson is to not be so hard on yourself. So what if it takes you a few years to land that perfect job? So what if you’re still not at that goal weight? Just take in the lessons you learn while you travel through that bumpy journey! Enjoy the life you’re given.


4 Replies to “Why Can’t We Just Enjoy the Journey”

  1. I love the advice you gave your friend! Even though I had a roller coaster of a life up to now, those experiences enable me to be an AWESOME Life Coach! That wouldn’t even be possible without those life lessons.Let life unfold, and go with the flow! At 47 I was JUST focusing on what I wanted to be when I grew up, at 50! I love the saying, “It’s never too late to become what you might have been!”.


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