How not to Handle Stress

I wish I could be a guru that could help alleviate the daily stressors of life. I wish I was the type of person who could write a self- help book, filled to the brim with knowledge on self- worth. As it stands, I’m not any of these things. I often find myself consumed with my own thoughts; most of which to my detriment. But that doesn’t mean that what I have to share isn’t useful. Through living life, I’m sure we all get an extensive list of “what not to do”.

I’m sure we know that dwelling will never do anything positive. If anything, all this does is heighten whatever is causing stress. Something that I tend to do is dwell on why I’m stressed. I fret over one particular issue that I may be having at the time. I am currently a bit stressed out about the prospect of not getting into graduate school. I have found myself dwelling on what I could have done differently during undergrad. I also dwell on what may happen if I can’t get in. Naturally, nothing has come of this dwelling. What I’ve tried to do is exert this energy into something more positive. I haven’t always been successful in this, but when I am, it’s helped me significantly.

Another to not do in regards to stress is self deprecating comparisons. Naturally, setting yourself up for failure will do nothing put heighten stress. This is something I’ve seen a lot with the rise of social media, but that is another topic to delve into. I have a tendency to see someone else and ask myself why I’m not like that. Why don’t I have as good of a job? Why is there art so much better than mine? These types of thoughts do nothing for me in a positive fashion. The way that I have combatted this was to simply get off of social media. Sometimes, it feels like I’m running from my own emotions, but it’s the best that I’ve got so far.

I hope to one day have gotten over my struggles with stress. Given how common stress is, it makes it a little easier to not beat myself up over it frequency. That in itself has been something that helps me handle it. Hopefully this what not to do, helps you too.


5 Replies to “How not to Handle Stress”

  1. I’ve learned to try to stay of our F-E-A-R, Future Events Appearing Real. As I look back on my life, most of the things I feared from any given situation never even came true. In fact, I just had this recent experience last week, lol (the good news is that I no longer react in a negative way from these thoughts, which could make things worse)..I heard an interesting interview on NPR. The author, Kelly McGonical, had just published her book, The Upside OF Stress:Why Stress Is Good For You (And How To Get Good At It). Check out the interview (around November of 2015), and see if the book might be of interest to you. I had my son get it for my Christmas present. I haven’t completed it yet, but I was hooked on the first few pages. It’s a great read as I realized I can’t get away from stress, so learning how to change my thoughts about it sounded very beneficial.


      1. If that doesn’t work for you, let me know. When I formally open my Life Coach business, I will include coaching by phone and would be glad to be of service!


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