Book or Movie?

I think that I’m a rather creative person, or I like to think that I am. As such, I tend to get a lot of ideas for stories. I get into developing the characters and their setting, which is always my favorite part of the process. But then I find myself conflicted with how to proceed with my writing. I’m not sure if the story that I’m creating should be a script or a novel. I’m sure I’m not a lone in this. The process for both are similar. I’ll write about my characters and even draw them. I’ll write a plot and a timeline. But I find myself stuck on how to continue.

There are benefits to both. In writing the story as a novel, I have a lot more wiggle room. It gives me the ability to flesh out the settings in the scenes. But a script makes it easier for me to visualize what I want.

I’m just curious as to how other people combat this type of problem.


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