Are Dreams and Creativity Connected?

As I’m sure it can be gathered from my blog name, I consider myself to be a relatively creative person. As such, I take notice with how creativity effects my life. I noticed several years ago that pretty much all of my dreams feel like stories; some outlandish, some rather mundane. I began to question if my creative personality is what caused my dreams to be the way that they are. To delve further into this, I would need to understand what dreams were and what it meant to be creative. That way, I can see if there is any correlation.

So what are dreams? According to paper written by Antti Revonsou, dreams are “a universal feature of human experience…” (Renvonsou, pp. 877). This has two main meanings. The first one is that all people have the ability to experience dreams. This meaning is significant to my question for several reasons. It brings up the question of variation between different people’s dreams. Why are some centered around a specific experience? Why are some people’s dreams only about the things they fear? These questions tie into whether or not it is someone’s level of creativity that brings about these variations.

An understanding of creativity is rather easy to understand, even if it is often times very objective. It involves a person’s ability to both think out side of the box and to create different things based on this thought process.

So where is the correlation? For me personally, a lot of my dreams give me story ideas. It let me know that my dreams affect my creative process. A research paper written by Michael Schredl and Daniel Erlacher came to the conclusion that I do think, however, that my creativity also impacted the vividness of my dreams. There study also concluded that things like age, sex and even one’s creativity could impact what their dreams were about.


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