I Love Other’s Work… But not Mine.

I often get obsessed with other people’s work. I love others novels, painting even obsessing over the lives portrayed on instagram. However, when it comes to my own work, I tend to be a bit less enthusiastic.

When it comes to novels, I fall heavy for a lot of other author’s works. When I read books like Ender’s Game, I fall in love with the setting and the characters. I can get engrossed in a novel and end up finishing it within a few days. And then I get to my own work. Those same feelings aren’t as present. I can look through certain scenes that I’ve written, and I feel excited. But I feel completely taken out of it when I think back to a book that I had been obsessing over. I start giving comparisons and how my work falls short.

I’m still working on hos to overcome this. Something that I’ve learned to keep in mind is to understand that there is no right way to do something. I’m different from authors and that’s ok. A lot of the amazing novelists are completely different each other as well. Obsessions aren’t a bad thing, but having an understanding of where to cut it off is what’s important.


4 Replies to “I Love Other’s Work… But not Mine.”

  1. We all are different, even in our way of writing. Do you know someone somewhere, could be obsessing over your work too? You just don’t know. Keep loving your work, and always see the best in them even when no one does, you’d get over the insecurity. I became confident in my work in one day, you too can do it. Cheers!!!


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