Reality< Imagination

The imagination is a wonderful thing.

Anything I want, I can have.

Reality isn’t a hindrance.

I squeeze my body into the closet.

The enclosed space opens up into a new world.

The castles that I’ve doodled are standing tall.

My clothes are filled with kind residents.

They smile and point to the hallway.

I grab my sibling’s hand and

we run to our parents’ walk-in closet.

The clothes tower over us.

The faux fur blows, blanketing

the clothes mountain with snow.

We crawl up the mountain and

a heel shaped boulder whisks past us.

We dodge it easily and laugh.

But the world begins to crumble.

The mountain fades into a rack of clothes.

Even as this fun world decades, I smile.

This world never leaves me.

Everything I want is just a blink away.


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