New Experiences+ New Schedule

I feel that a person’s experiences definitely impacts their creativity and how one could go about expressing it. This can be something that is very good, even if the experiences themselves aren’t. We can see this in many creators. An example is Edgar Allen Poe, one of my favorite poets. When looking at Poe’s life, we can see that he has had many unfortunate experiences. Even so, his works have been acclaimed in literary history. It’s clear that he used his experiences as he crafted his stories. I feel a lot of creators do the same.

I believe that I also do this when writing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I have my characters go through the same experiences that I have. The man character has a completely different life experience than myself. However, his reactions to certain experiences are similar to how I would react.

Just as old experiences can effect your writing, I feel that new experiences will do the same. I am starting graduate school this week. This has definitely effected my writing. For one, it has caused a bit of stress which has definitely stunted my writing. These new experiences has also changed how I flesh out my characters. A part of this is tendency to overthink, but I began to question my characters education and how it would affect their experiences within the context of the story.

As the title said, I have a new schedule for when I’ll be posting blogs. As I stated, I start Graduate school this week. As such a lot of my focus will be on that. Instead of posting every weekday, I will likely be posting three times a week. The days will likely be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and or weekends. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this blog!


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