Inspiration or Imitation

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It’s not a surprise that as a creator, I have several creators who inspire me and who are my favorites. This is in literature, music and movies. A lot of people inspire me in many of the ways that I display my creativity; musicians, writers and many more creators. Sometimes, these people who inspire me make me want to try harder in my works and be better at what I’m doing. That being said, I begin to wonder if I’m taking this “inspiration” even further. I feel like this in several aspects of my work. There are several things that make me wonder if I am imitating a person who inspires me. However, I won’t rant and rave on why these things are so horrible, but rather on ways that I have made a positive out of it.

I think that some of these concerns of mine comes from a lack of confidence. I see my own work and critique it. But I don’t make simple critiques either, it tends to be me tearing down my own works. During this time, I tend to look to the people who inspire me. I would see their work and compare it to my own. In some of my older works, I can tell that I began to imitate their style. Something that I learned was to develop my own style. Once I had a style, be it in writing or art, I was able to build from there.

Something else that I had to understand was that it’s ok to have influences on your work.  Sometimes these influences come from the people who inspire you. A lot of ideas and themes have been done before, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you see a similarity in your work. That’s where having your own style comes in. I have a specific example in regards to art. There have been plenty of artists who have draw the seven deadly sins. Several of the artists that I follow online have also done this theme. However, the thing to remember is that they had their own styles and renditions of this theme. That’s how it is for a lot of creators.

In the end, being inspired and influenced is a wonderful thing. I gives a chance to explore ideas that you may be interested in while also building the foundation for developing your own style.


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