Man, I’m Getting Old

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So, recently I had my twenty- third birthday (which was September first, if you were curious). We all know that twenty- three is still such a young age… but I can’t help but feel like I’m so old! Well, it’s less that I’m feeling old per se. I recognize that I’m very young. However, I feel like the things that I do just don’t matter as much as they would have.

I normally try to stay positive, but this is something that gives me so much anxiety ever since my age didn’t have the word “teen” in it. I get this feeling that I really need to have my life together and to be successful. I’ve spoken a lot about writing a novel and my process during it. My age had oddly had an effect on how I go about it. Sometimes, as I get older, I tend thing that the things I do are… “less special”. I tend to think that if I publish my book once I’m older, it worthy of fewer accolades. I understand that this way of thinking is not only kind of detrimental but it’s also pretty stupid. It is definitely asinine to think that I’m willing to completely write off my accomplishments (well  future ones in this case). I’m working on being less hard on myself. I guess that will have to start with embracing my “aging”. I don’t know, even saying it out loud makes me laugh. I guess getting out of my own head is what helps me stay positive.



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