Overthinking… not Always a Bad Thing

Image result for overthinking is good

I am the queen of overthinking. Sometimes, I’ll be up in the wee hours of the morning stressing and overthinking. This will most times pertain to some existential crisis. I even tend to overthink in regards to my creative process. I question if the scenery that I’m drawing is good enough. More common is when I overthink my writing. That being said, the main reason overthinking can be a bad thing is when I do so with a hyper critical eye. So what keeps overthinking from being  a negative on your work?

One way is to understand that “overthinking” is being sometimes being confused with being cautious. This idea is not limited to creativity. I can give a personal example. Something that I really want to do is travel. I have yet to do so, instead choosing to further my education. I planned out a timeline for when would be the best time for me to proceed in traveling.  I wondered, prior to my acceptance into Graduate school, if I was overthinking this. However, I believe I was just being catious, which is a good thing in healthy doses. I knew that I couldn’t just up and leave for some foreign country without some forethought. It is similar in regards to my writing. I tend to think about how a particular scene flows with the continuity of the overall plot or if a character’s actions fit with their already determined personality/ goal. This is a habit of mine that, when viewed without excess negativity, has helped me a lot while I write.

I’d like to reiterate that though overthinking can be good, it’s still detrimental to do so in a negative connotation. Moderation is key.


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