I Didn’t Write This…?

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Stop me if this has happened to you. You’ve been writing a story for what feels like an eternity. It’s been months upon months of slaving over what ever medium of writing has been your go to. Now, you’ve finished writing and you look over your work, rather perplexed. This is not the story you’ve written. That is what I’m going through right now. I’m over half way through me novel, and I decided to reread what I had worked so tirelessly on. The plot seemed to be different from what I had thought of in the first place.

I’m struggling with whether this is a good thing or not. A part of me, is oddly ok with this feeling. I heard a quote from an Uber driver a few days ago. “Anyone can write a story, a true writer is willing and able to rewrite.” This quote really changed my perspective in my writing. The idea of making a second draft makes me a bit anxious, but I know is essential. The feeling I have now, helps me feel more at ease at the idea of editing the work. Yes, this difference in what I have written and the story I had in my head is nerve- wracking, but it makes the concept of change less overwhelming.

Even with that mindset, I still feel nervous about how different the story is becoming. What I’m afraid of is the lack of consistency and continuity. The fact that I can stray so far from what my original plan was is something that makes me very nervous. I try to stay positive, naturally, but it can be very difficult.

This is just another step in the journey to make my novel a reality. It’s just a thought that I wanted to share.


5 Replies to “I Didn’t Write This…?”

  1. I can relate to the anxiety you feel when you think you’re straying too far. But maybe that’s just an invitation to change things up. You notice you’re driving off the road? Move the road to it fits your course, then pave the way from there. Maybe if you make a new outline that captures the new direction your story is going, you’ll feel better. Veering off-path isn’t a bad thing, it’s an opportunity. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck in your writing journey.

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  2. I believe life experiences, and interactions with people changes a writer’s novel. Over time the novel transfroms from the original outline was created.

    Like Sarahbruso, comments states, rewrite the outline to fit your desires. So stay the couse, of thought, while exploring ideas and alternatives for the outline.

    However, it is truly amazing how the idea, the outline and the finished work are never the same, yet its the exciting journey and finish novel that brings satisfaction and happiness. 🙂


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