An Overzealous Artist

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I can guarantee that many of us in the creative community face a similar dilemma. Many of us have an abundance of ideas and theories swirling about in our heads. I can look at my own personal creative process. As of right now, I am focusing on one novel. However, I still have four other ideas in my head; two of which are movie scripts. This sounds like it can be a positive. But for me, I find myself overwhelmed. This doesn’t just impact my writing. I find it in my art as well.

This over zealousness isn’t just limited to how many ideas I may have. The way that it impacts me the most is rather hard for me to explain in regards to creativity as a whole. It changes based on the medium that I use. Style is one way that I tend to be too much. In regards to my writing, I will focus so hard on a scene and how it needs to be written. I’ve done this plenty of times and the end result is always the same. That particular scene will come across as out of place.

Another way that this can have a negative impact is that I’ll take on too many tasks at once. This kind of ties into the issue of having too many ideas floating around. It often leads to really short changing all of my works. This is yet another thing that I’m just trying to learn how to work through.


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