Draw the Line

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In life, agreeing to everything can leave a person drained. Yes, giving to the people around you, especially the people we care about, is an amazing feeling. And before I get into it, I want to say that giving is something that people should do. It shows an amount of empathy and is necessary to be a rather well- rounded person. However, something that it essential to for a person is to set up borders. Giving all of yourself to someone or something can be rather unhealthy. This is the case for all aspects of life.

When I mentioned the something, I was referring to the things that we put our focus on. When it comes to writing, I tend to go head on into my projects. This can be both good and bad. I often find that if I don’t set up limitations, I tend to overwhelm myself. An example can be seen in some of the short stories that I like to write. They’re very simple things that I like to do outside of my novel. However, when I don’t draw the line in writing my short stories, I tend to go overboard and focus my attention on them. This lack of having borders or drawing a clear line takes my focus from what is significant.

In regards to drawing lines, a lot of time it’s most necessary to do in regard to the relationships that we have with other people. Giving all of ourselves to others can be so overwhelming. There needs to be borders where we let people know how much they can take. One can’t constantly run errands for someone or be an emotional fortitude for others. It prevents a person from taking care of themselves. Something to remember is that you can’t truly help others if you can’t even help yourself.


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