He Promised

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This is a short story (purely fiction) based on the prompt for today. Just a disclaimer 🙂

I sat by the window and waited. The trees were bare, its vibrant orange and yellow leaves had fallen; now a dead brown. I could feel a cool air wafting from the bay window. There was a small glimpse of the sun, it’s bloody color inking into the sky painting the clouds a dusty pink. Even with that last bit of the setting sun couldn’t warm me. I tugged my blanket further over my shoulders. I brought my legs up to sit on them comfortably. The small town home that I shared was deathly quiet. The common creaks and pops of the hardwood floor felt numbed out as well. I looked down at my phone and pressed the home button.

5:37 p.m

I shifted a bit and continued to look out the window. He promised he’d be back soon. My habit to bite at my fingernails was difficult to keep at bay. He was only a few minutes late. The glimpses of the sun kept me a bit calm; as long as I disregarded the bloody color that it painted our furniture. I let out a sigh. I was surprised that I could even see a tiny fog that appeared from my breath. It was almost as if the room had gotten even colder.  The chill had touched my very bones. I got up from the couch to walk into the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator, knowing what I would see; a flickering light, a few condiments, and a carton of half used eggs. He was supposed to get groceries. I could hear the thump of my heart as the beat went faster. No, it was fine. It was just taking longer than expected. When I went to my dresser, I found a small promise ring that fit snuggly on my ring finger. I plucked it up and put it into my pockets to trudge back to my seat by the window. As I sat, I could hear sirens of a single police car. I looked up to see the blue lights zoom by.

7:16 p.m

I paced across the living room and bit at my fingernails. I had promised that dinner would be ready. I couldn’t make anything with what little food we had. And the anxiety had begun to eat at my stomach completely killing my hunger. I bit at my lip, drawing a little trickle of blood. I could taste the iron in it. I looked up as there were more sirens blaring. I looked up to see an ambulance and several other police cars. I took a shakey breath and picked up my phone. I scrolled through the phone and stopped at the most called name. I pressed it and held the phone to my ear. It rang. I placed my hand over my heart to try and calm myself. He never picked up.

10:45 p.m

The tears that stained my cheeks had long since dried up. He had promised to be back soon. This trip was only supposed to last an hour or so. I leaned over and tried to even my breathing. The knock at the door was enough to make me jump off of the couch and run to the door. I swung the door open with a wide smile. The corners of my mouth fell completely when I saw two officers.

He’d promised…


Yes, this is a very short story. Since it’s October, I kind of want to try my hand at more suspenseful stories. It’s not really my forte, but yeah… I hope you enjoyed it!


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