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Urgency, that’s when you make the most mistakes.

You miss the key details that you love the most.

Take it all in, friends! It’s one time thing, for Pete’s sake.

Take your time to be a wonderful host.

It’s a cool fall night, there’s nothing you love more.

You smile at the decorations that you’ve hung with care.

Do be careful, make sure to clean the front door,

rid it of that red color, and of the wanton wads of hair.

The pumpkin scented candles rid your house of that smell,

an odd odor, from last week’s adventures and fun.

But again that urgency… ah damn it to hell!

No, no stay calm, there’s no need to run.

Just clean those specks on the carpet, the ones colored red.

It’s almost time, the basement, the thumping has started.

So down the stairs you go, and you see your guest’s head.

He stares up at you, from the corner, his lips slightly parted.

You’ll take your time this go around,

he scoots as far from you, eyes watering all the while.

He can’t get far from you with his hands completely bound.

It’s Halloween after all, all you can do is smile.


Hope you enjoyed this poem! I’m trying to stick to scary themes, but I feel like these are just making me seem crazy. Haha, oh well.



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