Broadening Your Writing Style

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Over the past few posts, I have tried to write short stories and poems using the daily prompts. Since it’s October, I was trying to make more horror/ suspense stories. I’ve come to a realization. I’m not all good at it. I never really wrote horror before, so this was a first for me. Each post was a struggle, and I had to look inward and wonder why this was the case. I’ve realized that my style is very strict. More so, the way that I’m able to write is stuck in the style that I’ve been working to develop for years. That was something that was kind of disheartening to realize. But, it’s definitely shown me something that is a positive. The ways to grow are so accessible and honestly fun.

The first way is to simply challenge yourself. Get an understanding of just what your style is and what you’re most comfortable with. And then work on something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Something that made this hard for me was that I didn’t fully understand my style. But I did understand what I was comfortable with. I’m used to writing either, for lack of better words, slice of life and adventure. Doing something different helped me learn about my style and also to widen it.

Developing a broad style is something that is very beneficial for a writer. It gives a lot od options for creating multiple stories. It also makes to more well rounded stories. I’m hoping to continue to get better at this.


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