Overwhelmed; and How it Affects Your Work

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It’s pretty common for a person to become overwhelmed. There’s so much going on in the world, and in people’s personal life. This is something that I, personally, am going through at the moment. I’m currently trying to balance graduate school, two jobs and keeping up my creativity. It’s become very difficult for me.

I set out to post scary and Halloween stories based on the daily prompts. But I’ve found that I have completely stressed myself out. Each time I start a story or poem, I get overwhelmed in the midst of writing. Its such a simple task, one that I enjoy, yet I find myself unable to finish my works.

So how does being overwhelmed negatively affect one’s work. Well there’s the obvious. It completely blocks one’s ability to work. For me, the feeling of being overwhelmed leaves me stumped. Often times, I have a form of writer’s block. All ideas and stories tend to escape me. For the past week, I faced one of two problem when trying to make a post. The first problem would be that I was completely void of ideas. I would sit and try to think of a story or poem that I would be interested in. The second problem is being unable to develop a story once I finally come up with a possible concept. I would get a paragraph or so in and then become stumped.

This hasn’t only affected my posts on here. This feeling of being overwhelmed has negatively affected my novel. I have been stumped on the same section for almost a month. This is definitely a form of writer’s block. I can’t seem to grasp onto any ideas in progressing my story. I definitely tie this to the level of stress that I have been facing. The stress from everyday life in tandem with my anxiety.

So how can this be fixed? It’s not a simple thing to overcome, but it’s also not permanent. This feeling is something that I have overcome before. There were several methods that I used to ease my stress levels while also working at my writer’s block. One way is through simple acts of self care. I know that this sounds somewhat random in regards to alleviating writer’s block, but it’s actually very useful. When you take care of yourself, it does wonders for all aspects of your life. When I ate healthier, I found that I was a bit less stressed. The benefits to healthy living are very far reaching. I have noticed that my creative slump began around the same time that I fell into less healthy habits. This is one of the first ways that I plan to try and distress and alleviate my writer’s block.

I can only hope that these changes can help me get  back into doing what I love.



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