Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you enjoy this fictional short story!

She ran down the street, her breathes ragged and heavy. The fog the rested thick and cool along the street. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She looked back, her hair whipping around her in frayed strawberry blonde strands. She couldn’t actually see the entity that had been there just moments ago. Tears streaked down her freckled cheeks. From the tightness in her chest she could tell he, no, IT was still close. She let out a startled gasp as she collapsed onto the ground. She stayed there as she began to sob. She doubled over, her headband adorned with red and black ribbons slipped off of her head and fell to the ground. With the silence of the streets, her sobs echoed down the eerie street. She could hear the rustling of heavy clothing against the paved road. The sound got closer. She turned to see a black figure.

“This was supposed to be fun,” she muttered in a broken sob.

October 30- 4:51 p.m

The young girl pulled her strawberry blonde hair into a ponytail as she made her way to the closet. She rummaged through the hung clothes and smirked. She pulled back a black, red and white outfit.

“How’s this?” she asked. She turned to her friends who sat on her bed. The room had walls that were painted an  off- white. There were various fall and Halloween themed decorations along the walls, on dressers and even on the floor.

“That’s so cute, Emma!” one friend exclaimed. “Try it on!” Her other friend tilted her head.

“Where’s the rest of it?” she asked. Emma rolled her eyes.

“Not everyone wants dress as a patron saint, Daesha,” she grumbled. She removed her school attire and slipped on the outfit one piece at a time. The skirt was poofed out with visible white ruffle, but it stayed set at her thighs. Her thigh highs stopped snuggly against the middle of her thigh. The black corset sinched in her already slim figure while simultanously pushing up her chest. She tugged the frilly black and red vest to complete her outfit. She did a twirl and presented herself to her friends.

“Kacey, what do you think?”  she asked. Kacey clapped her hands together, but Daesha frowned. Emma rolled her eyes.


“Will your mom be ok with you wearing that?” she asked. Emma rolled her eyes again.

“This is our last Halloween as middle schoolers. We need to make this fun,” she said. Both friends tilted their heads in confusion.

“A party?” Kacey suggested. Emma shook her head.

“No, an adventure,” she said. Both friends looked at each other before looking back at her. “Let’s go paranormal hunting, something different from trick or treating and lame parties,” she said. “There’s this haunted house a few miles down, lets see if we can catch a ghost or something.”

“I don’t know,” Daesha said.

“Of course, you don’t,” Emma said. Kacey crossed her arms and looked at Emma with a frown. She ignored the gesture and looked back at Daesha. “Doesn’t your mommy want you back anyway?” Daesha frowned. She grabbed her bag and stomped out of the room. Emma pursed her lips together and looked at the door. Her chest got tight, but she ignored the feeling to look over her outfit again.

Halloween Night 11:15 p.m

Emma and Kacey walked down the street. They had long passed their neighborhood, the bright street lights no longer able to illuminate the dark street. A fog had began to form on the ground. Kacey looked over at Emma.

“I tried to call Daesha, but she never picked up the phone,” she said. Emma fidgeted with her hands.

“Yeah, well, we’re gonna have fun either way,” she said.

“You didn’t have to be so mean.”

“And she could have been less of a stick in the mud.” Kacey stayed quiet. The got to a run down home at the end of the street. The home was made with wood. It even looked like it smelled. The wooden planks looked moldy. The fog had thickened and now reached their ankles. They walked into the home.

“This isn’t illegal, right?” Kacey asked. Emma shrugged and walked around the hallway. There was an ominous aura in the building. She pulled held her flashlight close to her chest and shone it in several directions. There was a loud creak close to them. Both girls yelped and held each other close.

“Maybe we should go home…” Kacey trailed off. Emma stayed still.

“No, let’s go a little further,” she said. They walked down the hall and up the stairs. The room would creak, but Emma began to tune it out. There was a sharp gust of hair and an odd sound. Emma wasn’t entirely sure, but it sounded like metal. She looked over at Kacey. She stood in an odd postion with her head tilted up. Emma pat her on the shoulder and whimpered out her name. She yanked back her hand when she found a thick liquid. Kacey fell to the ground. It was then that Kacey noticed a deep cut on her throat. Emma let out a scream an scrambled back. She looked up to see a figure with a black cloak that pooled at the ground. The person’s face was shrouded in the shadows. With out so much as a word, Emma ran down the stairs and out of the house.

Her legs felt heavy as she tried to run back to her home. She collapsed after a few moments of running.

“This was supposed to be fun,” she muttered through a broken sob. The figure stopped at her feet. She couldn’t bring herself to move away from the figure.

“Fun?” it said. Emma could feel her heart thumping against her chest. “I thought you were good at ‘fun’?” Emma felt her eyebrows pinch up. She recognized the voice.

“Daesha?” she asked. The figure giggled and a hand tugged off the hood. Emma jumped up from the ground. It wasn’t long before Kacey walked up to them. Emma looked at her hand and realized that what she had thought was blood was just a home made concoction. Kacey gave a meek smile.

“Told you not to be so mean,” she said. Emma let out a little laugh and wrapped her arms around Daesha.

“That was great,” Emma said. “Definitely beat that lame party last year.


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