Developing a Strong Character in a Short Story

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I’m halfway or so through my novel. I feel like my main protagonist feels like someone that I actually know; almost like a friend. With a novel, you have time to really flesh out a protagonist and really, any character. That’s something I really like about novels. However, I’m also someone who thoroughly enjoys writing short- stories. Something I worry about is how to flesh out a strong protagonist. Though it’s a concern, it’s not impossible. I have written a short story, one that I am very proud of. (I’ve been considering publishing it here  but…). Anyway, I was very proud of how developed my character was by the end of it. I’m going to use this post to give some tips on how to develop a strong character with a limited amount of time.

Something to remember is that a short story is not just a condensed version of a novel. It’s a story that just happens to be smaller in length. The characters need to be treated the same in a short story. That being said, the limited amount of time that a writer has to develop need to be used wisely. Another thing to note is to set up characterization at the very beginning. When the character’s needs are understood at the beginning, then it makes it easier to develop the character as a whole.

These tips are small, but it really is quite easy. I’ve found that it’s easier for me to keep up consistency in my characters.


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