Get to Know Your Character

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As I’m sure some can tell from my previous posts, character building is one of my favorite parts of writing. When creating a story, the characters are some of the main things that can help carry it. As an artist, I also love physically developing a character as well. Character designing is always great too. That love of characters is actually very beneficial, because getting to know your characters is a tremendous advantage to the story as a whole.

There’s quite a few ways that a writer can get to know their character and develop them through the story. For my protagonist and several of the other main characters, I made an in depth character description for them. I treat the characters almost as if I’m getting information on someone for a paper. This technique is often considered to be an interview. This gives you a chance to truly get to know the character that you’re developing.

This same technique can be used to ensure character development. When I get to different part of the novel, I like to “interview” my characters again. With the development of the story, it gave me a chance to get in tune with my character’s change in actions and perspective.

Characters are naturally such a central part of a story. And it’s honestly my favorite part!



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