The Difficulties of World Building

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When writing, I find that world building can be very difficult for me. This is the case regardless if it is based in the real or not. But as many have said, the best way to tackle a problem is to acknowledge. Getting an understanding for why the concept of world building is so hard should help with making the process easier, even if it’s only by a little bit.

One of the issues that I have happens when I try to create a separate world but is still set in the real world. This is something that I struggle with in my novel. For starters, the world doesn’t just mean an entire world in a literal sense. It means something similar to making a community. Making a community that fits into a preexisting world can be very hard to do. For me, it was difficult to decide if the community that I was making should be on its own, or if it should be intertwined with the rules of the already existing world.

Speaking of rules, coming up with an existing set of rules can be very difficult. Continuity is where I have issues. Making rules of a world that is consistent and makes sense can be very difficult.

Some old saying hold tried and true. Practice makes perfect. To be clear, perfection isn’t the end goal. But some semblance of consistency is definitely something to look forward to. Continuing to work at world building is the best way to strengthen your skill at it. One way to practice is to start very small. One way I worked on this was making a set dynamic for a neighborhood, then a town/ city to a country and so on. It sounds tedious, and it kind of is, but it definitely helps. Working on different types worlds is another way to strengthen your skills. This can be seen by making your world dystopian, utopian and so on.

I hope this helps anyone who happens upon this post!




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