Writing Challenge Day #1

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This is the first day of my writing challenge. I’m planning to do this for thirty day! The prompt for today was to get a song on shuffle and write 250 words based on the first and last verse.

The words that my eyes tried to scan molded into a mush of jargon. Running my hands through my hair did little to calm the cluster of buzzing thought in my head. The screech of the chalk against the board was a numb inconsistent pulse as my eyes scrolled from the book and over the desks. The beat of my heart halted when the ever familiar frame of glasses. I swallowed heavily. The other students were unfocused blurs, practically missing from my line of vision.

The glasses moved briefly as fingers pushed them up the owner’s nose. I tried to look away, but the way his hair perfectly contoured his sharp jaw line drew me in. I knew his name, but I knew he didn’t know mine. I tore my eyes from his form to look back at the front of the room. The lean man’s eyes stopped on me. After a pause he turned to the girl on my right. He asked the girl to find the missing numbers in the equation. I looked past her and my heart jolted.

The sharp deep brown eyes behind those familiar frames were on me. His lips were in a tight line. I looked around to ensure that those eyes could possibly be on someone else. All other’s had their eyes focused on the lean teacher. The sound of the bell rang numbly and the scrape of chairs hung in the air. The tight line ticked up into warmth that pushed my own lips into a smile. My legs felt heavy in my first approach, but his smile pushes me forward.

The song for this prompt was “Find you” by Zedd and the lyrics were “silent love is falling faith” and “Yeah, you always make me go”. I hope you enjoyed!



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