Flee: A Short Story

Day 2: Write 25o words inspired by the color of the walls of the room you’re in.

Image result for embankment

The air that burst through his lungs, scratching his throat on the way up, fogged around his face. His legs were numb and practically limp, but he trudged further along the side of the road. A rock caught his foot and he tumbled down the embankment. His back slammed against the ground, leaving him winded. His gaze focused on the sky, an off grayish blue thick with clouds. It should snow later that night. He tried to sit up his arms shaking with the effort. He got to his knees and peeked up to see where he had come from.

The gray hue of the sky was off set with vibrant blue and red flashing lights. He crawled down further into the embankment before he made it to a small stream underneath a bridge. He heaved a deep sigh and ran his hand through his hair. A gleam from his watch caught his eyes. He brought his hand back up. A lump caught in his throat. The typical faux gold color was darkened with the hues of the clouds. He pursed his lips and unclipped the watch. He laid it on the ground.

“If I want to flee,” he started. He lifted his leg and stomped on the watch. The face cracked in several different wires along the surface. He grimaced and stomped on the watch in rapid succession. The pieces were splayed along the shore of the creek. He leaned down and threw the pieces into the creek along with his empty wallet and shredded I.D. He turned walked the opposite way of the creek. “I need to disappear.”


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