How to be Creative

Day #3: Make a fifteen step list titled “How to be ______”. Naturally, I chose creativity. These are some of the things that I feel has played a role in my creativity.

Image result for creative work space

1.) Try something new. The first method to get into creativity is to get out of your comfort zone. Often times being in one spot is synonymous with being stagnant. That can stifle creativity.

2.) Expose yourself to several forms of creativity. This will give you a chance to see where your strengths lie and what it is that you enjoy the most.

3.) Try several forms of creativity. Once you’ve been exposed to these things, give yourself a chance to work on them. Say you go to an art show, and you really enjoyed the paintings. Well, give that a shot!

4.) Let your ideas grow. Often times, I find that noting down my ideas helps me develop them.

5.) Don’t be afraid to fail. For one, understand that failure isn’t necessarily an end all. Getting an understanding of something new can be very difficult. Just give yourself a chance.

6.) Perfection isn’t the end goal. Similar to not being afraid of failure, perfection isn’t the only benefit for creativity.

7.) Don’t compare yourself to others. Drawing inspiration from others if one thing, but to diminish your forms of creativity isn’t helpful.

8.) Enjoy the journey. Creativity is a very fun experience. Taking it too seriously can be very stifling. Relaxing and just enjoying yourself will be more helpful in expanding your creativity.

9.) Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. This is similar to taking it too seriously. Trying to do too much at once can be very stressful, even more so if the concept of perfection is the only thing in mind.

10.) Show love through art. The beautiful thing about creativity is that it can help bring people from any background together.

11.) Express yourself. Another beautiful thing about creativity is that it can’t help express your personality in a way that words can fall short.

12.) Accept critique. Though comparing yourself to others isn’t helpful, critique is. This is especially if this comes from a someone who want to see you excel. Understanding where you have trouble can help better yourself.

13.) Don’t give up. This involves all things that you may view as important to you.

14.) It’s not all about success. As someone who is currently riding a novel, I tend to fall into this mindset. I find myself stifled when I think of the prospect of my book being a flop. But that’s not all that matters. I’m writing this to express my creativity. Even if it’s not a financial success, but it’s still beneficial to get my form of creativity out there.

15.) Have fun. This is the most important part to creativity. Above all else, just enjoy it!


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