Day #4: Quite the Conundrum

Day #4: Write 250 words starting with the next piece of dialogue you hear.

“If you ain’t really ’bout it, then keep ya mouth shut.” He could hear the semblances of an argument from the embankment. He looked down at his watch to see how long it had been since he started walking, only to stare at bare skin that his shirt couldn’t cover. He paused when he heard a gasp from another person. His stomach coiled. He turned back from where he had walked. The tip of the tallest building in his city was still visible, even if barely so. He could hear laughs and the start of a confrontation. He bit the inside of his cheek. He put his foot on the grass of the embankment and walked up until he saw the scene before him. A slim teen was doubled over with his arms covering his head. There were other teens around him; one had their foot on his back. The teen on the ground looked up and muttered something to him. The man from fleeing the city sighed.

“Quite conundrum,” he grimaced. He stepped up and stopped in front of the teens. The one with his foot on the other teen looked up and sneered.

“The f-” He cut the teen off, leaning in close. He kept a stern face, but his heart was beating quickly. Another teen tapped his friend.

“Hey, that’s…” he trailed off. He looked on his phone and his eyes widened. He pulled his friends and ran toward the city, screaming about calling the police. He clicked his tongue and leaned down to the teen.

“You’re… Greg?” he asked. He nodded and helped the teen to his feet.

“You don’t look like a killer,” the young teen said. Greg gave the best smile he could muster, and walked back down toward the embankment. He stopped in his tracks and spun around.

“Do you have the time?”

This is a continuation from day 2!




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