Day #5: A Phone Call Folly

Day # 5: Write a conversation (in Tumblr “chat” format) about a man who calls the wrong number and ends up talking to an angry woman. Go through the conversation ending with the line; “I suppose so”.

Man: Hey, hey hey!

Woman: Are you kidding me?

Man: Ah…

Woman: Oh cat’s got your tongue now?

Man: Is this… is this Jenny?

Woman: Of course!


Woman: No.

Man: Oh… well I-

Woman: So, do you always call people with that obnoxious opener?

Man: Uh…

Woman: And let me guess, one of your little “yes- man” friends told you this was funny.

Man: Hey now-

Woman: You’re just the cherry on top of this crappy day sundae.

Man: But-

Woman: And-

Man: Now hang on, hang on.

Woman: Yes?

Man: What is your name?

Woman: Karen, what’s it to you?

Man: Ah well, Karen, I meant to call my sister, but maybe I was meant to talk to you. Oh, I’m mike by the way.

Woman: Well, Mike, I’m not really looking for any unnecessary conversation.

Man: Hey, making new friends is always a pleasure! So what’s got you down?

Woman: Do you really need to know?

Man: I’d like to.

Woman: Well… my car got hit pretty hard and the person ran off this morning. My boss said I don’t get Christmas off and I got stood up at the restaurant that it took me months to get! So that’s how my days been.

Man: Ah, that’s unfortunate. But I know I typed in the right area code, are you in Los Angelos?

Woman:… yes?

Man: That quaint little diner downtown?

Woman: Yeah…

Man: Ah, perfect! I’m actually in the downtown area. If you’re still there, would you mind if I took your date’s place?

Woman: Are you serious?

Man: Witty women are hard to come by. This folly of mine may have been fate.

Woman: Well, I won’t make this an easier than I would for anyone else.

Man: That’s what makes this much more interesting.

Woman: I suppose so.

RomCoom dialogue is so difficult for me. Strictly dialogue is rather difficult for me, so I’m hoping to try and work on that.


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