A Drunken Poem

Day #6: Write a poem (12 rhyming lines) about getting increasingly drunk.


The noises around the room felt jumbled in my ear,

there was shouting, yelling and voices filled with cheer.

My friend handed me another glass, the liquid so clear.

I tried to smile and take it while subduing my leer.

Things got rather fuzzy, my head stalled its gears,

my eyes felt heavy as if there were tears.

The blank faces of the party goers all felt too near.

My mind began to form expression, though it was mere.

I can feel my stomach and I lurched with fear.

I run to the bathroom, many passing voices I can hear.

There was another friend of mine present, her top completely sheer.

She pulled my hair back it was maddening as the shame seared.

This was actually pretty interesting to write! I tried to challenge myself by  rhyming the ends entirely. This is what I assume it’s like since I’ve actually yet to get drunk ^^








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