The Switch

Day # 7: The object on your left just turned into the object on your right. Write 250 word or a 25- line poem to your reaction.

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I reach for the water bottle, my eyes focused on the screen,

but what my fingertips touched causes me to scream.

The heat radiates, but my attempts to remedy it are meager.

What was once my water was now a little space heater.

My mind is racing, even though it’s such a simple thing,

with so many thoughts roaming, I start to hear a ring.

I relaxed my shoulders, as I feel less confused,

as I look at the heater I start to feel oddly amused.

How strange for this to happen this Monday,

quite the strange occurrence, I would definitely say.

I can’t get over how random this was,

it’s really funny to me and that’s mainly because

I question if the little heater had actually been on my right,

for I’m one who’s notorious for confusing my sight.

I think back on the times at the grocery store,

where I pick up the wrong thing but I had been so sure.

But I think about it rationally, my set up had always been the same.

The heater had been on right, so this change was hard to name.

I began to wonder, was this a paranormal event?

I glanced around me to get some kind of hint.

There were no ghosts or ghouls, just some random switch.

I took a sip from my water, to subdue my breath that hitched.

Though I was still confused, I knew on thing was clear,

the answer that I wanted would never be clear.

Hopefully that’s the only strange thing that happens here.


I decided to go with a poem since I do it that often. I hope you guys liked it!










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