Winter Aesthetic

Day # 9: Think of any word (you may want it to be appropriate) and search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the seventh image.

Greg wrapped his blanket tighter around his shoulders, gripping it so that the air wouldn’t creep through the cracks. His legs were numb, though he was unsure of whether it was from the chilling blasts of air or if it was from the miles and miles of walking. It had been hours since he saw any semblances of a city. He closed his eyes. Bits of snow had piled up on his eyelashes. He tried to blink them away. As he got further and further from cities, he realized that the snow had piled up as well. He looked up at the sky. It looked off yellow as the sun struggled to beam past the overcast clouds. He stopped to briefly pull his un- gloved hands up to breath onto them. His fingers were still numb but he pressed on. A gust of wind knocked his hat off of his head. He reached over to pick it up. When he looked up he felt his mouth hang open.

“Wow,” he breathed out. There was an open area just before the forest. He stood up straight and stared at the forest. There was a blanket of thick white snow. The pine trees were covered with snow. He could see hints of ice of the frozen branches as they glimmered. He looked past it and saw the thick forest. Even as  he stared at the vast cold, something felt warm inside of him. He closed his mouth and let his lips fall into a smile. Greg turned and trudged onward.


The word that I chose was “winter aesthetic”. This is using the same character from a few days ago!



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