Ender’s Space

Day # 10: Write a short rhyming poem inspired by the last novel that you read. They should be connected by a theme or similar character.

The last book that I read was when I re- read Ender’s Game two weeks or so ago. As an aside, I would definitely recommend that you give it a read!

The calm of space was unnerving at best,

but on a bad day, it leads to unrest.

The expanse of the twists of the stars

is a painful reminder of the twists of my scars.

The training with the others  still left me in pain.

I begin to wonder if I can stay sane.

Looking at space, there’s dark yet vibrant hues.

It makes me miss the Earth’s beuatfiul blues.

My heart hangs heavy, as I overcome this bender.

I’ll make everyone proud, or my name’s not Ender.


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