The HateList

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I took a four day weekend to spend time with my family, I hope no one minded! Today’s prompt is a little less positive, given that it’s just after the holidays, but I’m going to go ahead and keep it as is.

Day #11: Write a list of 15 songs (like a mixtape) that you would use to tell someone that you hate them. None of the songs that can have “hate” and “you” in the title. Include links to each of the songs so that people can listen to them.

1.) It’s all Good by Fantasia Barrino

2.) Kill Everybody by Skrillex

3.) Sorry I’m not Sorry by Tessa Violet (Honestly, heck out her channel! She’s an amazing girl and pretty much all of her videos inspire creativity.)

4.) Problem (Dawin Remix) by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

5.) Backstabber by Ke$ha

6.) Problem by Natalia Kills [Explicit]

7.) IDFC (Rad Cat Remix) by Blackbear  [Explicit] (The acoustic version for this is really nice too)

8.) Crazy Possessive by Kaci Battaglia [Explicit]

9.) Don’t Touch my Hair Ho by Brooke Candy [Explicit]

10.) F*ck it by Eamon [Explicit]

11.) I don’t Like that B*tch by Jay Karan Penda’Vis [Explicit]

12.) Got me F*cked Up by Khia [Explicit]

13.) Smile by Lily Allen

14.) Stupid Ho by Nicki Minaj [Explicit]

15.) Keep it Lit by Wynn


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