A Winter Walk

Day # 12: Go to https://watchout4snakes.com/CreativityTools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx. Randomly generate one of each part of speech. Write a story/ poem/ ree-write including all 7 words. DO NOT stop writing until all 7 words are used.

The wind brushed the embers across the baron neighborhood. Greg looked around to gaze at the pillaged cul-de-sac. Even with the frosted over grass and the sheet of snow on the ground, some of the flames still blazed. A few of the houses had managed to evade the licks of the flames. He put his hand over his mouth and trudged through the cul-de-sac. There were no people in sight. He crisscrossed as he walked to keep his footing in the jumbled rubble. It had only been a few days since he walked past the thick forest. The old snow had melted and was now being replaced with a new sheet of snow.

Just past the ravished neighborhood the thick plumes of smoke subsided. Amid the ever thickening sheet of snow on the bush, Greg could see a magnolia. He walked until he reached the greenery that it was connected to. He used his fingers to cup the white petals that were tinted pink. He rubbed the petals and let a small slip into a smile. He brought his hand bag to realize that he had tugged the petals off. They instantly crumbled onto the ground. He swallowed heavily and put his hands into his pockets. He trudged forward. He looked to his right and saw a poster. It’s edges were burning and it wouldn’t be long until it swallowed the image. It was a wanted poster. He bit his lip as the image of his hair was burned. It took even less time for the fire to spread over his face. He heaved a sigh. He turned on his heel to take an alternate path.

After another hour of walking, the air freshened. He closed his eyes and breathed in the crisp winter air. He saw one small home with an even bigger garden. He looked closer at it. He could see a woman with round rimmed glasses. She moved about the garden with animated steps. She twirled but stopped in her tracks.

“Eureka!” she exclaimed. She clapped her hands together with a bright smile. She abruptly faced Greg and stuck her arm out to wave him over vigorously. He looked around but made his way toward her. She grabbed his hand from his pocket and shook it.

“Hi, I’m Emilia and I need your help,” she said. Greg nodded, wide-eyed with confusion plastered on his face.

“You, see, I just realized that I need help keeping up my garden, and you clearly need a friend,” she said. Greg looked away.

“I don’t know…”he trailed off.

“It’s ok, I already know about you,” she said. Her already bright smile got even bigger. “And I don’t care, now come on,” she said. She tugged him in the house.

I hope you enjoyed this short story! I used the character from a few days ago and continued his story. Here is the list of words that were generated for me.

Noun: Magnolia

Adjective: Alternate

Verb (transitive): Animate

Verb (intransitive): Freshen

Adverb: Crisscross

Interjection: Eureka

Preposition: Amid





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