Creativity Clock

Day #13: Look directly to your left. Use the first inanimate object you see as a metaphor for an abstract idea. Continue the metaphor for 150 words. (Poetry or prose)

The renewal of my creativity was seen in the rustic clock.

Thin lines wisps in circles akin to a work of art.

It’s numbers are set, the image is locked.

I gaze at the spinning middle, right at the clock’s heart.

Each little tick of the thin line brings a new beauty.

The ring around the face is a brimming gold.

The clock on the wall is a painting of the sea.

Each number set in place is a story yet to be told.

The hands of the clock holds the image in place,

each number, tick, and even the clock’s name,

everything is so clear, such simple beauty on its face.

The ideas I get are all unique, none are the same.

Each little detail brings an idea that is new.

The aesthetic brought about by the clock on the wall,

it’s something oddly subtle with its contrasting hue.

The rustic look of the clock reminds me of the season; fall.




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