Writing a Book Report: POV of a Fifth Grader

Day #14: Write a book report on an adult- ish novel from the POV of a fifth grader. The book should be “sophisticated” in the eyes of a fifth grader, but normal to the real world.

The book To Kill a Mocking Bird was really interesting. When this book was first assigned, I thought it was going to be a negative book. I didn’t think I would like this book, since I really like animals, and I didn’t want to read about any of them being hurt. However, the book was about something even worse: racism. That’s why I picked this book to do the report on. With how different we are supposed to be today, I was interesting to learn about people from before treated this topic.

To Kill a Mocking Bird was written by Harper Lee. She finished it in 1960. This is around the same time of the civil war. The book was set in Alabama in the 1930s. It was in one of those really small counties. That was smart on Lee’s part because it was during an undeniably racist time in America’s history.

The main character in this book is Scout Finch. She is nine at the start of the novel. The narrator or “voice” was a lot like how real nine year olds think and talk. What I thought was really cool was that the “voice” changed and developed as Scout gained more experience. Another important character was her dad, Atticus, and her brother, Jem. Atticus was a lawyer in the novel. I liked his character because even though he was a white man with a small amount of status, he still was empathetic to black people. Another important character in this novel was Tom Robinson. He was a man that was accused of assaulting a white woman in that town. As stated before, Lee wrote this book during the sixties. During that time, the Scottsboro nine had taken place.

In this novel, Tom Robinson was accused of assaulting a woman in the town. Atticus was his defense attorney. Even though he made a lot of good point to prove that Tom was innocent, the jury still said he was guilty. The story seemed to mainly be about Scout growing to be more empathetic to black issues and black people as she saw her dad work so hard to defend Tom.

I thought this book did a lot of cool things. I liked how Lee was able to write as a nine year old even though she was a lot older, while still making the book academic. I was pretty sad that Tom died in the book, because it was very unfair. What I thought was most interesting the fact that Lee used mocking birds. On further research, I found out that Mocking birds signify innocence. As the book goes on, Scout’s innocence dies and is fully gone with Tom’s death.


This was rather hard to write! I remember reading this book when I was younger and then again in my senior year of high school. I tried to think back on when I was younger and how I thought when I wrote book reports from that time. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this, or felt inspired to re-read a truly influential novel!



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