Ode to the Photographer

Day #16: Pretend that you are sitting in a park. Write an “ode” (poetry or prose) to a person that might pass your bench. Begin the ode with the line “I noticed you were in a hurry…”

I noticed you were in a hurry,

as you run to find a perfect spot.

Your movements are almost blurry,

my eyes lose you briefly in your trot.

You come here so often, almost every day;

though your routine changes in the slightest way.

The way you crouch by the flower’s bed,

it gives you access to their vibrant hues.

I can see the gears turning in your head

as your camera captures the hints of due.

I sit, amazed, at your artistic precision.

Each move you make was a decision.

When you look over at me, I look away.

The way your eyes has a bright gleam.

They look so vibrant on this summer day.

When I look at you again, you’re near the stream.

Your view finder shows the stream’s reflection,

I can’t suppress my amazement at the sheer perfection.

I come to the park, to see your art.

You show such beauty through your expression.

Each click of the camera shows your heart,

Each piece is made in rapid succession.

You close your camera, giving the flowers one more glance.

I hope to see your art tomorrow, even if it’s just a chance.

I’m not very good at odes. This might be something that I try to work harder on. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed!









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