Formula to Happiness

Day # 18: Write a free form poem about “the formula for happiness”

Happiness; such a vast and often arbitrary concept.

It’s a sea, so many canals and twists to take.

It’s easy for one to float aimlessly through it’s vastness.

But what is the formula for grasping “happiness”?

Understand, happiness doesn’t have a set end goal.

“Floating aimlessly”; it’s not really a bad thing.

The beauty in most things is in the journey.

In going about the sea’s vastness, you see so many things.

There’ll be some experiences that you don’t enjoy,

there’ll be far more that you do. Each will be a lesson.

The formula for happiness also involves growth,

this growth comes from the lesson learned by the journey.

Happiness comes from how one takes in the lessons.

An experience can be good or bad, based on the individual’s mindset.

A positive outlook is indicative of a positive experience.





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