An Uncomfortable Scene

Day #19: Imagine your dream boyfriend/ girlfriend: their appearance, home life, etc. Write a scene in which their behavior is off- putting.



Lights are dim with ceiling lights and one lamp on night stand. TV is on, but mute. Room is styled with modern- chic furnishing. Glass coffee table in front of couch. There are five different empty chip bags and two empty cans of beer.

TINA, 23, black with curly hair, TAPS fingers against laptop keyboard. Looks at MARCUS, 25, black with shoulder length dreadlocks. Marcus CRUNCHES on chips, leaving crumbs on couch. Reaches over to pick up beer from night stand. Tina purses lips, but focuses on laptop.


Can you be any louder?

Tina stops typing and looks at him. He keeps eyes on TV. Tina looks at beer can in his hands.


When did you start drinking?

Marcus CLINKS bottom of beer can against night stand. Tina frown and looks down at laptop.


So… I’ve been working through my novel, I think I’m almost done.


Oh, you mean like you have for the past two years?

Marcus drops beer can. Beer gets into carpet forming a dark stain. Marcus gets up and walks into adjoining kitchen. Tina gets up to follow him.


Lights are flickering. The fridge and stove is a black stainless steel with complementing black cabinets. Marcus walks over to sink by the fridge. Rays from the sun creep in from slight open curtains. Marcus opens cabinet under sink to grab rag. Tina stands in front of him.


What’s wrong with you



I’m tired.


Of what? You skipped out on work.

Marcus waves hand between the two of them.



This! I’m tired of this.

Marcus looks away, squeezing rag. Tina looks at his face, tears in her eyes.


I decided to challenge myself and write the scene as a script. It’s been awhile since I tried my hand at script writing, and the inability to set the format is, for lack of better words, off- putting. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this short little scene.



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