Two People, One Conversation

Day #20: Write a page- long exchange between two very different people. Write only what they say; no setting, internal thinking, descriptions or actions.

“Jeez, why’s it so freaking bright?”

“Hmm… I like it. The sky’s so blue and the air’s so crisp!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. So is there any reason we couldn’t take a train to this…”

“Art show! And yeah, it’s so crowded on the train.”

“It’s freezing out here.”

“Ah come one, the sun feels so cozy.”


“Besides, this is our first trip to Connecticut since undergrad. It’s nice to really see this place again.”

“It was nice in summer. Hell, it was still cold then!”

“Ok, alright. But it’ll be nice to see Sammy again.”

“Yeah, I’m sure her uneven paintings are worth the five hour trip.”

“God, you’re such a baby! And I love her asymmetrical art.”

“Of course you do… heh, there’s quite a bit of ‘uneveness’.”

“How do you figure?”

“Ah, nothing, just musing. Jeez, it’s freezing!”

“Oh, look! Wow this place is gorgeous!”

“W hat the… is this a museum? This can’t be a museum. Why’s it so big? Is Sammy’s art all that’s here? There’s no need for it to be this big.”

“Chill… oh! Let’s take a picture together.”

“No way. I’m going inside. Better have some heat in here.”

“Alright, alright.”


Well strictly dialogue defiantly feels weird to me. I don’t even know what to say about this one ^^ I tried to keep the relationship ambiguous.


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