Regret and Punishment

Day #21: Write a poem from the POV of a victim of harassment (any sort). The character is in pain or humiliation, but believes that he/ she deserves this treatment.

I stayed silent my head hung low.

I squeezed my eyes shut, anticipating the blow.

Their voices were molded together.

I focused on the numbness from the weather.

There was still snow that clung to the ground.

I couldn’t bear to try and turn around.

I thought about Emilia’s smiling face,

and I could feel my heart begin to race.

A foot lashes out, hitting me in the leg.

I doubt this treatment will stop, even if I beg.

The word “murderer” being shouted is all I can hear.

My vision is blurry as my eyes begin to tear.

Each kick and each punch dig into my skin,

but they are necessity to atone for my sin.

I thought that I could’ve made it far from Emilia’s place.

But the feeling of guilt had slowed my pace.

I cling to Emilia’s image, my stomach beginning to turn.

My eyes were heavy and my chest began to burn.

This is what I deserved, for my horrible crime.

Everything was blurring, even my sense of time.

I let my swollen eyes shut.

This is what I deserved, this awful rut.


I decided to do a continuation from day #17! I hope you guys liked this! Ah, and I’m getting pretty bad with rather uninspired titles. Hopefully that’s not distracting for anyone.




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