Welcome Back

Day #24: Write a 250 word stream of consciousness from the mind of a woman whose life will change drastically in 3 minutes.

This is crazy! This is crazy! I just- I can’t even believe this is happening. Man, this city is so big, bigger than my hometown. Is my hair ok? Geez, this station doesn’t have any mirrors or anything. Don’t they know looking nice for the courts is essential? There’s so many cameras, especially today! Ah, man it’s taking so dang long. How long does it really take to do the right thing? It’s not like he actually did anything wrong. I wonder how Greg’s been. I thought he’d be free since he ran from my house… the jerk. I didn’t think he would turn himself in, not so easily anyway. Ah, man! How long is it supposed to take? It has to have been at least an hour. Oh, it’s almost time. Just… three more minutes. Oh man I’m nervous. What if he’s changed? What if that week in jail changed him? What if he looks at me differently? I was happy when the court ordered him to be under my guardianship but… what if it was actually a bad idea?

No, no, no! We became friends, great friends. I doubt he would change so drastically over a week. Besides, the only reason he turned himself in was to protect me. Will he resent me for that? No, it’ll all be ok. We’ll go back to my house and once his name is cleared, everything will be ok. Ah, the door’s opening! He… looks the same. I think? Is that stubble? How long is he staying at my house again? This may be harder than I thought.


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