Understanding the Fixation on Aesthetic

When it comes to creativity, the aesthetic of the presentation is very important. This is naturally seen in visual presentations of media. What is the aesthetic of the film you desperately try to convince your friend to watch? I know  I used the term aesthetic when trying to convince my brother that my love for the visual album, Lemonade isn’t just because of my love for Beyoncé. I use aesthetic for other medium, like books. I even had a particular aesthetic in mind when crafting my blog through my subject matter and the images that I chose for each post. However, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve formed a fixation on aesthetic.

I used to jokingly say things like “but it’s my aesthetic” when justifying whatever movie, song or even content creator that I happen to like. When it comes to aesthetic, it’s become an omniscient concept. Aesthetic used to be used to describe beauty. In regards to media, aesthetic was dependent on how aesthetically pleasing the characters were. Now it’s become more of a principle, a genre even, with a far- reaching scope. I’ll focus on creativity, naturally.

For me, personally, aesthetic transcends visual forms of beauty. In regards to sound, there is an aesthetic that I like. There’s a certain sound of music that I enjoy most, and can be found in any genre. Granted, there’s not just one aesthetic sound that I enjoy, and it’s not to say that music that doesn’t fit my particular aesthetic isn’t enjoyable to me. There’s just a particular sound that I really enjoy. Naturally, there’s a visual aesthetic in medium. Many films have a particular aesthetic that audience members seek out. One example is the aesthetic of indie films.

Is this a bad thing? I sometimes find myself wondering if I throw around the word aesthetic haphazardly without regard to its actual definition. Aside from possibly being annoying, I don’t think it’s a negative thing. For me, it gives me a chance to compartmentalize films, music and books that I may or may not want to indulge in. I feel that it’s the same with many people. I think that’s why many people focus on aesthetic.

The concept of aesthetics is seen in pretty much all medium; from films to books and even to things like anime and blogs. It’s prevalent everywhere, which is why there’s a fixation, for lack of better words, over it.


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