Flowers of my Regret

Day #27: Write a poem from the POV of a bride about to say “I do”. Gradually reveal that she is having “cold feet” and regretting this engagement. Throughout your poem, repeat a line that describes the ceremony’s decorative flowers. This can be your first/ last line.

The hydrangeas are a magnificent mix of blue, pink and white.

Along the ceiling and the banisters were my chosen fairy lights

Each ivory decorative curtains allowed gentle sun rays to seep in.

The hall that I began to walk down was long and thin.

My dress clung to me in the most flattering of ways.

My hair fell along my exposed shoulders in full chestnut waves.

I look to my father and can see tears as he tries to keep his composure.

With both of our families staring at me, I feel all of the exposure.

I stare forward again to see the groom- my  husband?

Yes, he’s to be my husband; I even remember the engagement band.

He gave me a band instead of a ring, something that I never objected.

But as I step closer to him and our wedding party, I begin to feel dejected.

I stand in front of him, but his  vows fall on deaf ears.

Vows tumble out of my mouth, and I can feel heavy tears.

He smiles at me sweetly, believing my tears are not sad.

But as my stomach twists and turns, I start to feel bad.

I don’t know how to tell him of this heavy regret and this plight.

My legs are shaking and I think back on the engagement that night.

When he got down on one knee, I felt my heart sink,

from the cheers and the applause I could barely think.

Similar to then, I wanted to turn tail and run.

But all of my viable solutions were reduced to none.

The hydrangeas are a magnificent mix of blue, pink and white.

When he slips the ring on my finger, my throat feels tight.

I don’t know what to do, and my head is painfully swimming.

I force myself to smile as he stares at me, bright eye brimming.

This man, means so much to me, and yet this feeling won’t subside,

and under the exposing glare of everyone present there’s nowhere for me to hide.

The hues of the hydrangeas leave a heaviness in my heart.

I walk down the hall, knowing my life of regrets is about to start.






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