A Devastated Anon

Day #29: Send yourself a message on Tumblr, pretending to be a dissatisfied follower. Rant for 100 words about your tumblog.

Anon: Now, Tinadapenguin1… I’ve followed you for months, even a year. I must say, I am aghast at the devastation that has befallen your blog. You used to be an art blog, your own and others. And now, I feel betrayed! Everything you reblog is not only different from the original reason I followed you, but it’s all so sporadic! One minute you’re reblogging whatever trifle anime is the flavor of the week. Within a few seconds, you’re reblogging pseudo- intellectualism to explain the socio-economic and political climate of America! Not to mention you reblog endless cat videos and vapid vines! Please go back to what you know; art.

So I wanted this anon to be a real character to try and make this interesting. This felt a bit like a roast yourself challenge ^^ But I hope you liked this!


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